About us

About us


Founder’s Statement

When we founded Orchid Projects in 2016, we wanted to create a company unlike any other that we’d ever worked for. So we built a company with a structure and a work environment that is collaborative and inclusive, with entrepreneurial spirit of each of its employees.
At Orchid we employ terrific people, provide excellent service to our client. We are committed to excellence in every phase of our business. We know we cannot be successful without the people and the beliefs that unite us, which is why we understand and appreciate our Core Values that have been developed over the last year.


Our Story

ORCHID LANDSCAPE is a new passionate, innovative growing landscape company founded in Cairo at 2016 by a group of highly qualified professionals and they share the passion of delivering exceptional landscape services. We are specialized in landscape designs, construction and maintenance. Our success in few years was driven by our focus on executing quality projects, maintaining the highest quality and respecting the environmental standards.



Our Vision

We strive to be a global landscape company of choice for our clients, partners, communities and employees by delivering excellence and creating value in every aspect of our operations.

Our Mission

Is to be in a leading position in the development of landscape in Egypt through the Excellency of our well trained team, and through our modern vision which is consistent with scientific basses to create spaces that achieve the desired goals of comfort and enjoyment.


Core Values

  • We are committed to our clients, our company and ourselves to be the “go to place” if wishing to improve the outdoor living environments. Our sustainable landscapes are designed with you as well as the environment in mind.
  • Play a key role in the creation of a “health conscious” and “environmentally aware” population, who appreciates the interdependence of our well being and that of the planet we live on.
  • Ethics to in our standards and practices.
  • Client focus clients are the centre of everything we do. Their satisfaction is the best measure of our success.
  • Pursuit to excellence strive to be the best.
  • Innovation envision new and creative solution for each client and each project.
  • Valuing people and assisting them to achieve their potential.


We guarantee our service that is why we only use high quality products and tools to meet your particular needs and expectations at reasonable prices.

At ORCHID, no project is too big or small; we know how it is important to you and believe that you should expect nothing less than excellence from us.
Commitment to excellence is our promise to you.

Our Clients